Khaotic - BOOLA #mixtape featuring #KevinGates #RedCafe #YFNLUCCI #RickRoss #JuiceDatBoi #IsraelDoer #Rampaige #KuntryKane

01. Young & Restless (Prod. by DRoc)
02. Hood Lovers Feat. Rampaige (Prod. by Rampaige)
03. Hit First (Prod. by Luhound)
04. I'll Do It Feat. Red Cafe (Prod. by DRoc)
05. Both Ways (Prod. by DRoc)
06. No Breaks (Prod. by Boodah)
07. Dime Piece Feat. Rick Ross (Prod. by Mailman)
08. Paper Feat. Juice Dat Boi (Prod. by DRoc)
09. Grind for It Feat. Kevin Gates (Prod. by DRoc)
10. These Hoes for Everybody Feat. YFN Lucci (Prod. by Scrilla)
11. Be Alone (Prod. by DRoc)
12. Taste Budz (Prod. by Khaotic)
13. Ratchet (Prod. by Scrilla)
14. Chi Chi Get the Yayo Feat. Israel Doer & Pitch Black (Prod. by SL Da Don)
15. Too Busy Feat. Kuntry Kane (Prod. by Boodah)
16. I Want You (Prod. by Dashius Clay)
17. Dope Bitch (Prod. by DRoc)

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