Starlito Mood Swings and Mrs [Video]

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Starlito Mood Swings and Mrs [Video]
The Cashville Prince Starlito hits us with another banger "Modd Swings and Mrs"

Jermaine Eric Shute (born December 15, 1984), better known by his stage name Starlito (formerly All $tar Cashville Prince) is an American rapper. He is best known for the 2005 song, "Grey Goose" which featured artists Young Jeezy and Yo Gotti. His second single, released in 2007, was Champagne Crazy featuring then labelmate Lil Wayne. His third radio single was "I Go
Ham" and would later also feature the Atlanta rapper Gucci Mane. He is also known for working with rapper Young Buck and Cashville Records label earlier in his career.[1] He later signed with major label Cash Money Records.During this time he would release numerous mixtapes including The I Love you series, and The Tenn-a-keyan series. After basically no support from the Cash Money he would release the song B.M.F or beggin for my freedom, be my friend, or be little my future. He was released from his contract and then put out the mixtape Free at Last a proclamation of his freedom from his label situation. His first mixtape was released around the time he was attending Tennessee State University where he was also on the basketball team. The series of mixtapes entitled Starlito's Way and "Starlito's Way 2" have been his most critically acclaimed work to the date. Specifically Starlito's Way 2 in which much growth is seen in his delivery and subject matter. He discusses issues of his own fame in the song "Rap music ruined my life" and having to deal with himself in the song "Man in the Mirror" and . In 2010 he released the third edition Starlito’s Way 3: Life Insurance was released. Following suit of its predecessors the maturation of Lito becomes apparent with songs like the story rap Three's Company. Lito is a mixture not often found in today's rapper, continuous progression, charisma, and hardwork have continued to make him successful. Lito is also a member of the Nashville rap group Trash Bag Gang. In the summer of 2011 he released a mix tape with Memphis rapper Don Trip titled "Step Brothers".The collaboration was met with much critical acclaim being voted one of the top mixtapes of the year.In October 2011, Starlito released another mix tape entitled "Ultimate Warrior". A month later another mix tape was released by All Star called "Separation Anxiety". In January he released a Musical Mixtape entitled "For My Foes", a 20 minute YouTube video with four songs. On March 31, 2012 Starlito released a mixtape called Mental WARfare, listing it on his bandcamp for $100 with the price as an April Fool's gag. The album included "WTF" which is Starlito's latest single.At a show in his home town on May 27, Starlito announced that he had signed with Grind Hard records in an attempt to restart the same success the group shared during the mid-2000s. Since making his independence in the music industry clear Starlito has taken a vow of quality control and has continued to release music and tour. July 2, 2013 Starlito Released "Cold Turkey" a studio album for sale on iTunes. The Cold Turkey Album debuted at number one on their heat seeker's album charts in its first week. October 15, 2013 Starlito & Don Trip released "Step Brothers TWO" the followup project to their 2011 release. With the release of Step Brothers TWO Starlito has seen a new level of success in his career. Starlito followed up Step Brothers TWO with solo album "Fried Turkey" which peaked at number one on Google play charts. Starlito finished 2013 by releasing an unannounced mixtape "insomnia Addict" on his Birthday.